Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy 


It is my strategy to react to free notification from supposed copyright encroachment. In the event that you accept that your protected innovation rights have been encroached upon by one of our clients, I need you to send us an appropriate notice. All notifications ought to agree to the warning necessities of the DMCA. You MUST give the accompanying data: 


Recognize yourself as either: – The proprietor of a copyrighted work(s), or – An individual “approved to follow up for the benefit of the proprietor of a restrictive right that is supposedly encroached.” 

Recognize the copyrighted work professed to have been encroached. 

Recognize the material that is professed to encroach or to be the subject of the encroaching action and that will be expelled or access to which is to be debilitated by giving me the specific area of the encroaching record with the specific connection 


Give me the web address under which the connection has been distributed

Give your contact data which incorporates your complete name, address, and phone number. 

You ought to know that, under the DMCA, inquirers who make deceptions concerning copyright encroachment might be at risk for harms brought about because of the evacuation or obstructing of the material, court expenses, and lawyers’ charges. 

An appropriate warning MUST contain the data above, or it might be IGNORED. You ought to likewise know that I can’t erase Stream and Files on hosts, for example, YouTube and another Dedicated Server and so on. 

Send notices: [email protected] 

If you don’t mind permitting up to 2-3 business days for an email reaction. Much obliged to you for your comprehension.